Tuesday, June 15, 2010

World Cup Live Blogging: Ivory Coast - Portugal

Starting a bit late due to a nap that spiraled out of control. No links or photos in this one, just snark!

79:30 - I'm not sure why Ivory Coast (IC from here on out) didn't put 10 men in the wall, since there was NO chance that Ronaldo wasn't going to shoot that.

80:45 - Great work by IC to watch that ball go out of bounds rather than attempting to play it.

82:00 - I like the IC unis, but I'm betting Puma convinced them that by getting the skin-tight style, they wouldn't have to also buy Under Armour-ish undershirts. I also will be shocked if Casey hasn't already bought one of these.

87:00 - How much product does Ronaldo use? He's been running in the rain for 90 minutes and his hair is still douche-ily perfect. And does Drogba not own a mirror? He looks like Malcolm X, pre-Islam days. That's not a compliment.

90:00 - Great cross by Drogba -- to no one. Way to follow, team. And be selfish for a change, Didier!

92:00 - IC really is picking their spots -- passing when open on the dribble, dribbling when the open pass is there. It's like a clinic on bad offensive decisions.

93:00 - Wait, the ref called it in the middle of a corner developing? I don't blame him, since IC was showing no inclination toward competence, but still. I have to blame Sven Goran-Eriksson (or however the Swedish Douche spells it) for the scoreline. I think he would've turned the 1982 Brazilian team into a boring, bunkered-in bunch. Not a fan. North Korea has to be thrilled with this result, while the fans should be asking for a refund.

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Chad W said...

I hate CRonaldo more now than I ever have. I'd have given him another yellow just for the glaring and stare-down with the refs. Ugh. Punk bitch, I hope NKor kills them.