Friday, July 30, 2010

3rd Time's The Charm!

Title So, Tuesday I completed my July hat trick of body scanning with an MRI on my ankle. Finally*, one of these damn scans leads to some action. I have a chunk o' bone floating around in my ankle, and in medical terms, this is known as "bad". So they're going to scope it and take the thing out**. Good times, but it means my dream of non-gimpiness is postponed until at least November. Ugh.

And to all of you that said I needed to brush the sand out of my mangina and play (I'm looking at you, Matthias): GFY.

And to Judit: If you want to call me Gimp until I finish rehab on the ankle, I guess I deserve it!

* Said sarcastically -- I was pretty fing ecstatic that the CT scan was negative.
** I'm hoping to have it set into a ring.

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