Friday, July 02, 2010

Meet Ultimate deLux - Part 6

Sooooo close to done -- just the leaders and the chum.

(Actually, Till is normally even MORE positive than he appears here. Judith is normally this unimpressed.)
Nickname(s): Yoda
Best Throw: Is massage a throw?
Why He's Awesome: Well, I wouldn't have played Geneva if not for him, and I'm sure he'll do the same magic at Worlds. In addition to teaching us to sprint, run plyos and fixing our ailments, he's always there with a positive word.


(Please, Santa, let me be the elf!)
Nickname(s): T
Best Throw: Flat forehand hucks that gently settle into your hands. They're like biscuits.
Why He's Awesome: In Dallas, I was called T. And were it anyone else, I would fight for the nickname in Lux. But T is fing awesome. Set the standards for public elfery (Be sure to click on the soccer ball on the video -- it adds to the experience)? No problem. 2 hours sleep each night the week before a tournament? No problem. Translate docs to get us into Worlds? No problem. Throw a forehand huck to win the game? No. Fing. Problem. T gets it done, AND he's a great guy. I just want to be T, Jr.


(Guess which one?)
Nickname(s): Der Schnitter, which is more of a last name and a German joke, so, suggestions?
Best Throw: His next one
Why He's Awesome: The Guayota game summed it up -- he kept shutting down these really tall, speedy, athletic guys, then he would take them behind the woodshed on offense. Imagine Scottie Pippen in the old Nike commercial*


Nickname(s): CHeryl (Hard "ch" sound, like in "cherry"), Captain Buzz Kill, Lady Chunk
Best Throw: Not Scoobers.
Why She's Awesome: This goes against everything I believe in to compliment Meryl, but I cheered for fing Mexico's World Cup team this week, so I can do this. She's fought through a hamstring injury yet keeps us focused and positive, and when she plays, we're a better... Nope, can't do it. CHerylllll, CHerylllll, CHerylllll!

* Or better, the Michael Jordan "1st Black Harlem Globetrotter" which I couldn't find.

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