Monday, July 12, 2010

Meet Ultimate deLux - Part 7 The Slackers

So, now we've covered all the important players, what about the ones who didn't want to play with us?

Nickname(s): Boy Toy, Houdini
Best Throw: Whatever Meryl tells him to throw.
Why He's Awesome: Chilly O, great D, always positive. Or at least I think he's always positive -- my sample size is one tournament we one together* and one game of him either kicking my ass or me "taking him out of the play"**


(She thought this was a jimmy hat, which explains her condition)
Nickname(s): Dr. Finn, Medicine Woman; Pinedanger
Best Throw: Great break mark hucks right after saying, "I'm not a handler"
Why She's Awesome: Apparently NOT because of her rigorous use of birth control. But even if she isn't been eating for two, she probably would've played for the damn Finns with Rei-Rei.


(Note how into it Rei-Rei is!)
Nickname(s): Um, Chunk? Also, Man Meryl
Best Throw: The funky, full-extension flip backhand.
Why He's Awesome: The original Giggles, Chunk was just happy to be there, but that didn't mean he wasn't bringing some serious game. Supportive, competitive, everything you'd want in a teammate -- except for the quitting.


(A rare smile from LeSurl!)
Nickname(s): Surly, Lord Surly, LeSurl, The Surlinator
Best Throw: Whatever he feels like.
Why He's Awesome: Hot D? Great Throws? Occasional smiles? Hosting a great tournament? Putting up with this guy↓?


(She's thinking how much she'd like to smack that camera out of my hand)
Nickname(s): Rei-Rei (pronounced "Ray-Ray"), and Reeeeeeiiiiiijjjjjjaaaaaa!
Best Throw: Forehand break mark. It's like a Bernini sculpture, beautiful yet functional.
Why She's Awesome: She really doesn't seem to understand how good she is, it's quite vexing. I'd pay to play on her team any day of the week (and pay double on Sundays), yet she seems to think she's not fantabulous.


(Hey, clown, make with the laugh laugh!)
Nickname(s): Benny, Jackhole, B-Original
Best Throw: High hammer while yelling "Surrrllll!"
Why He's Awesome: The reason I joined Ultimate deLux, and not a small part of the reason I like living in Europe. Also knows a bit about the Simpsons, mocking Meryl and a lot about heckling. Not so much about weaseling out of work.

* By "together" I mean, of course, "Tobi did a shitload more than JT"
** I.e., trying not to get D'ed by hiding as the dump.

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