Monday, July 19, 2010

Post-Worlds Blahs Recovery Plan

OK, so Worlds is over. I've spent the last 6+ months training, planning, overwhelming teammates with emails*, etc. And now? The post-tournament blahs. They always hit after a tournament, but this time it's been like a Mack truck. Oy vey**.

So, what to do? Like Red says, "You can get busy livin', or you can get busy dyin'" I'm going with the former. Here's my to-do list, post-Worlds:

  • Learn to rollerblade. I've had them for years, now i need to learn. I will NOT be learning to wear spandex without shorts over it.
  • Keep a clean apartment. For one month.
  • Keep blogging, but about something that might interest people that aren't my teammates***.
  • Not read "An American Tragedy". It was craptacular. I will tell you what I'm reading when I read a book that won't lead to mocking. Don't hold your breath.
  • Rehab my ankle so I can play ultimate.
  • Get back in the gym.
  • Be more social. This year I've been pretty much antisocial outside of ultimate, so I need to change that.

This should be more than enough.  But if I don't set unrealistic goals, I won't have an excuse for not reaching them.

* I'm definitely the team's MOE - Most Overbearing Emailer
** How bad? I'm doing my Yiddish accent, that's how bad.
*** Yeah, I know. But I like to tell myself it might happen.

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Steve said...

I hear that Zihuatanejo is lovely.