Monday, July 12, 2010

Ultimate Worlds 2010 Live Blogging - Day 1

While ultimate players previously had to wait a week or even 10 days, due to the magic of the Tinterwebs, I'll be blogging live from Worlds this week. First up? Saturday, also known as Check-In And Wait For The Team.

5am: Wake up at to go to the airport. Those of you who know me will know that this is easily my favorite part of Worlds. I do love to get up early.

9:30am: Make it to the check in and flirt with the super-cool check-in girl until I admit to myself that she's too young. Dammit. I make a note to myself to reconsider this assessment after sampling a few Czech beers.

10am: Dump all my crap in my room and head out for tasty beer.

1pm: Lunch meat-o-rama and beer tasting at the Strahov brewery (a 10 minute downhill-walk from the dorms) is interrupted by the first set of teammates whining about not getting into their rooms. I feign urgency and finish my beer, then gimp my ass back uphill. The bum ankle is singing, "I'm going to hurt all week long, doo-dah"*

4pm: Big mass of teammates arrive to check-in and watch games. The parade of beers that I'd dreamed would be mine for sacrificing my day to check-in never arrives. Must find a new team.

6pm: Sockeye throwing clinic led by Ben "Wiggy" Wiggins and Nate and Matt. I learn a lot which I'm sure will prevent me from any throwaways this week. When I express this to the team, they seem dubious. I'm sure it's jealousy of my awesome throws**

9pm: Dinner, and our first Buzz is killed by CBK. She sees a group of us with an open table, sniffs, then sits elsewhere. Not a good sign.

* To the tune of "Camptown Ladies"
** Well, awesome everything, really.

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