Friday, July 16, 2010

Ultimate Worlds 2010 Live Blogging - Day 4


7:30am - Wake up wayyyyy before my alarm goes off. I consider crawling into bed with Meryl as a joke, but realize she's probably asked to room with me to get justifiable cause for manslaughter. Instead I wake up, shower and find the gang for bagels.

10:00am - Damn, but I love me some bagels. Had a bacon, egg and cheese on an everything bagel, with coffee (with free refills!) and excellent service by the cool (and cute!) waitress. A good breakfast to get ready to kick some Slovenian ass.

12:30pm - Just as I get there to warm up, the skies open up, complete with lightning. As the teams go back out to play, the field owners kibosh it and the rest of the day is cancelled. So, time to change and head into town.

However, Flash*'s enthusiasm at finally hearing his theme song reminds me that I should give a rundown on the team's best nicknames:

1. Flash* - Awesome because a) it has a theme song b) refers to 2 pop culture references and c) I came up with it
2. Lich (the Elf!) - Ines hates it, so it must be good. Also, chanting Lich the Elf! Lich the Elf! Lich the Elf! causes her to give the finger, which is good.
3. Alpha - Fred was already rockin' Stiffy, Reverend and Brazil, but when you are never seen without a woman or two on your arm, you're the Alpha Dog.
4. Giggles - Tammy is so happy, this is perfect. Of course, if Chunk were still here, he'd be Giggles.
5. J Money - If Snoop and The Gourds have their minds on J Money (and J Money on their minds), I think that's celeb endorsement enough.

Runners-up: J'Arrive/Chuff, Blu-Ray, Skillanza, Snort, Yoda and Meister
Ineligible due to inoriginality: T, AC, Meesh, Weebs, Gudi, Schnitter

What about CBK, you ask? Well, if my plan to have her name legally changed is successful, it'll no longer be a nickname. We can hope.

5:30pm - Tasty Czech food and beer make for a good end to the day, well, that and soccer.

* Aaaahah!

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