Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ultimate Worlds 2010 Live Blogging - Day 5

OK, sorry for the delay. Three games in a day is a lot, especially when all three are disappointments. But no more spoilers, the day awaits.

7:30 - Breakfast was, to quote Kramer, "No bagel, no bagel, no bagel". The usually salami-cucumber sandwich and off to the bus to ride across Prague to the "main" fields. How they're the "main" fields when 20 of the 30 fields are at the other location, I have no idea. I'm betting 5 Ultimate (company motto: We only bring enough inventory for 2 days of a 7 day tournament) had something to do with the decision.

8:30 - Get on to the bus that's gonna take you to Beelze... no, wait, Vršovice. We try to convince the driver to stop to buy a vowel, but he doesn't go for it.

8:45 - Fred gets that pressed Elf ham he's been dreaming about.

10:30 - We face off against Frizmi, the Slovenian team. It's a bad sign when Meryl forgets whether we're on O or D. It's also not a good sign when I take our first turn, fake a forehand huck and then throw a backhand huck out of bounds instead of to the Duke. We show an impressive inability to handle against a zone with no wind and to convert on our turns.

14:00 - A short break and we're off to face Sexy Legs. Several of their players live up to the name, and this clearly distracts us. We play much better than against Frizmi, but still lose. This is getting real old, real fast.

16:30 - A short break and we're back against Brazzinga from Brazil. They beat Frizmi on ultimate point, so to avoid the bottom bracket we need to either win big or win and hope Frizmi beats Sexy Legs.

18:00 - Aaaaannnnndddd... neither happens. We get a lead but never can quite remember to stay behind our defenders as Brazil's only strategy is huck, huck, huck. Even with a straight-up mark forcing high floaty throws, we see a seemingly-endless series of hucks to wide-open players. In fairness, I should've had us try zone, but I fell into the trap of "we are smarter/better than this." We're not, and now we're playing for 37th. It really takes all the fun out of winning.

On the upside, Fred gets voted best-looking male player 2 games in a row, and Gudi gets a new nickname -- Demon. And no elf candidate is more obvious than a Demon Elf!

Also, Germany lost to Spain, leading to more disappointment for the Germans. But it does mean I don't have to put up with my coworkers endless gloating. So there's that.

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