Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Mad Men Live Blogging - Season 4.1: Public Relations

We're back! It seems like more than a year since Don, Roger, Joan* were in my life, but it's been less. Do we get a time skip? Is Betty still in the show? Did my email campaign convince AMC to allow nude scenes? We'll see.

Cocktail of the Week: Whiskey, neat. Probably should be a bourbon, but I went with the Balvenie 12. Thought about the Quinta Ruban, but it seemed a bit too post-modern.

0:00 - The recap makes me think I should've prepped for this. Dammit.

1:30 - "Who is Don Draper?" I thought we'd passed this.

3:00 - I'm afraid that Liz Lemon is dangerously close to ruining Don for me -- I keep thinking he's hot but dumb.

5:15 - "It's not a bikini. A bikini is underwear you wear to the beach." Yeah, what's the problem? Now Don & Roger have to try to market family-friendly

7:25 - Ooooohhh, not all is right with SCDP. Snippy!

10:30 - Good call on the whiskey, neat! Should've gone Jameson, but how to know?

13:30 - Sweet Zombie Jesus, is that a TV turning on or a jet turbine?

19:00 - Don gets shot down! I thought the 60s were about free love?

22:00 - We have a Joan sighting! Damn sunburned Harry is taking all her screen time. I can't believe this Jai Alai plot is still alive. I wouldn't mind if it died.

23:30 - Pryce is not happy with Don! And Don seems to be afloat. And WTF is GloCoat? But Don talking about himself was never his strong suit. NOT talking about himself is more his wheelhouse.

28:30 - "I really wish we had a second floor so I could jump off it" Nice line, Harry!

29:00 - Betty X is in the house! And Sally is not a happy camper. I foresee bad choices at Woodstock for her. But she lost a LOT of weight. Is that by edict?

31:30 - Don gets slapped around by a hooker! Now, THAT's a fun family Thanksgiving. Some good writing to explain away the lack of nudity when she's on top.

34:00 - Peggy comes by for bail with America's Most Whipped Date in tow. He looks terrified at her disapproval! Will the season end with Peggy smacking Don around?

38:00 - Don does come off poorly playing the embattled spouse.

41:30 - How much has Peggy moved up? She now stands up to Don -- Seasons 1-3 Peggy would NEVER admit "All we want to do is please you."

42:30 - Henry's mom is a judgmental wench, but it is refreshing to hear someone bitchy enough to refer to Betty as "that man's dirt" -- no more of that beating around the bush. That's so 1962.

45:45 - Holy crap! I can't believe Donny Advertising just kicked out clients! Has he lost his mojo?

46:30 - Um, no. Of course, this WSJ article may just blow up in his face.

* Mmmmm... Joan...

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