Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Mad Men Live Blogging - Season 4.2: Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Apparently the year skip wasn't enough -- we're hurtling through 1964 at a breakneck pace. Thanksgiving is offscreen and it's Christmas time!

Cocktail of the Week: Screwdriver*. I forgot to get bitters, so no Old-Fashioned tonight.
1:30 - Wait, is Sally going to get a love interest? A throw-back to Season 1 (or 2?), no less!

3:00 - Don seems to be awfully familiar with his secretary. Is this part of new, desperate Don? Or reborn, reanimated Don?

5:00 - Drunk Freddie is back! Does Roger have rubber mats on his chairs? Which is unfair, since Freddie has been clean and sober for 16 months. Strong work!

6:30 - You wanna move hams? You have a couple of broads fight over them, they fly off the shelf.

7:00 - What kind of jackass has a morning bourbon AND offers one to the guy back from rehab? Don Draper, that's who.

9:00 - Sally's got a feller!

9:30 - Joan and Peggy sitting in on a meeting? Women's Lib is here! And the psychology lady's outfit is messing with my mind. But she knows something is up with Don. Just what he needs -- a hot Freudian-spouting girlfriend.

12:30 - I'm pretty sure Don wore the same robe in "30 Rock". A cute nurse neighbor? That can't possibly backfire.

13:45 - Freddy is a sponsor for AA? Nice! But I can I still dislike him for being a sexist?

17:00 - Roger's still got a thing for Joanie. Understandable, but still. I guess Wife 2.0 wasn't the upgrade it was marketed to be.

19:30 - Peggy's "fiancé" is really a boyfriend? And Duck, where's he? And I'm pretty sure he's not her first. Well, maybe this season.

21:00 - Ouch. Drunk Don Draper. Not a good sign, but maybe a nurse is what he needs.

23:30 - Peg pops off on Freddy for being "old-fashioned"! He's definitely had some bitters...

25:30 - Trudy definitely deserves better than Pete, period. Even if he weren't a manipulative borderline-rapist, she deserves better. It's a bummer that we didn't get to see Don bombing at Thanksgiving.

28:30 - "You punk kids get out of my kitchen!"

30:00 - I've never seen a pissing contest over a Santa suit. I think Lee, Jr. has figured out he's the big dog in the SCDP world... aaaand the continued grope of the partner's wife proves it.

32:20 - It's nice to see Don being nice to Peggy, at least until the psychologist eyes him like a wolf eyes a particularly interesting lamb.

33:50 - "I'm disappointed. I thought you came to flirt; you came to fight."

35:00 - The closet gay client forcing the office men to sit on Santa's lap? I'm not sure if this is sexual or a power play. Or, more likely, both.

37:00 - Don the office drunk? Shot down twice in an episode? This could get ugly.

40:00 - It just got ugly. Don nails his secretary -- and she walks out on him. I hope '65 is better for the intrepid Mr. Draper.

42:45 - I know that Peg doesn't have a lot of positive males in her life, but Freddy for advice?

43:00 - Who doesn't love a good Fuhrer joke?

44:00 - If I get a secretary, remind me to never bang her after being drunk at a Christmas party. And if I do, not to give her her bonus the morning after. Failing that, definitely don't act like it never happened. And for God's sake do NOT give $100 in cash as her bonus.

46:30 - You know what makes a romantic post-coital tune? "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus Last Night".

* Virgin. I wanted to take a night off from booze, so sue me.

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