Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mad Men Live Blogging - Season 4.3: The Good News

Will Don bounce back from the depths? And what is "The Good News"? Is someone finding religion? Or is Peggy, Joan or Don's secretary knocked up? Good Lord, this sounds like a soap opera now.

Cocktail of the Week: Bloody Mary*

1:00 - I'm pretty sure Mad Men is the only show I've seen with one, much less two, scene(s) in a gynecologist's office. It's now also the only one to have a character admit to having not one, but two, abortions. And one done by a self-proclaimed midwife! Well, I guess that's life in pre- (and, likely, post-) Roe v. Wade

3:00 - Aaagh! Allison. At least it's not awkward. Oh, wait, it is. How could the suavest man on the planet fall so low. He's definitely lost his mo-jo.

5:00 - Does Lane miss out on Joan's "breast or thigh" double entendre because he's worried about his family or because he's English? Either way, he's going to regret it.

6:15 - Ah, the 60s. Everyone on the plane is dressed up. The last few times I flew this year I wore shorts and flip flops.

8:15 - A cute young girl in a bikini and shorts designed to create a FUPA. How long until "Dick" hits on her? Especially since Anna is pushing for it.

10:30 - Is it any surprise that Dr. Clueless assumes that enlisting in the Army in 1964 will NOT lead to Vietnam? The telegram to Joan this season or next is going to be one of the highlights of the series for me.

12:30 - "Dick" wants to bring out the kids? To meet the wife of the dead man whose name he stole? Good plan.

16:45 - Don gets the "what are you doing?" as he makes the move. Though, I have to say, he probably won't care about the rejection now that he finds out that the only person who loves him for him is dying of cancer. And she hasn't been told. Ah, the 60s.

25:00 - Don was going to change his flight to hook up, and instead gets lectured for not wearing pants while painting. But the big question is, should he keep quiet about her cancer and go back to being "the man in the room with the check"? Of course, he goes with being quiet. The old Don never would've been cowed by the sister.

28:00 - Exchange of the episode: "The fact that you're the kind of person that can't accept blame is egregious." "I... don't know what that means" "It means I can't believe I hired you."

28:30 - On the list of worst things to put on an apology note to a platonic coworker that gets sent to the wife by accident, I think "Joan, forgive me." is near the top. Note to self: make all non-wife/gf apology notes explicit.

31:00 - To all my doctor friends, is asking your doctor hubby to take you to the hospital when you cut your finger more or less emasculating than, say, announcing that said doctor hubby has a small penis?

33:30 - For a raping sleazebag of a husband, he does have a good moment here.

37:00 - Don and Lane drinking at the Godzilla knockoff is pretty freakin' sweet. Being told you remind someone of a guy "who died in a motorcycle crash"? Not so freakin' sweet.

39:30 - Does Lane know that Don's "lady friend" will be "working" on New Year's? Does he care?

43:00 - Did Don ask for the slapping treatment on the couch? I'm thinking yes.

44:00 - Is anyone surprised that Lane leaves the bedroom with his full three-piece suit intact?

45:00 - Joan begins 1965 by leading the meeting at the head of the table. I like it.

So, the verdict? I'd say this was probably Joan's best episode, ever. I also don't think it's a coincidence that Peggy is a cameo, at best. Overall? I'd give it a...


* Virgin -- I'm watching this before work.

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