Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mad Men Live Blogging - Season 4.4: The Rejected

Episode 4! I'm not even going to bother hoping Don gets his shit together. Let's just hope for no more disasters.

0:00 - Are there any sweeter words on basic cable than "brief nudity"?

1:30 - Don polished off the bourbon? Allison does NOT approve.

2:00 - I'm siding with Lee on this one. Bowling is NOT a sport. I do like the idea of the smoking horse, though.

3:00 - Hot psychologist is back! Yay! Also, nice work, Peggy.

5:15 - Don, here's some friendly advice. When your secretary, who you treated like a prostitute at CHRISTMAS, tries to extend a hand of friendship, don't be curt. Or if you must, explain that that time is a factor, you think fast, you talk fast, and you need her to act fast if she wants to get out of this.

6:30 - Pissy Pete is back. Hooray?

7:55 - Was photo editor woman checking Peggy out? And, fortunately, our brief nudity was female. Though quite artsy, I have to say.

10:30 - Smooth move by Pete to not take his opening and break the news.

12:00 - A little unknowing call-back to Pete's first(?) child with Peggy. But does this mean that Pete might stop being a sleazebag?

13:30 - Joan is not happy that she's not a hot young product tester anymore*.

14:30 - I like the voyeur element of these product tests. They also kind of remind me of suspect

17:30 - Peggy's right - Faye is amazing. She's playing these women like a cello.

18:00 - "It's worse when they notice sometimes" and the meaningful look at Don? If this were a Bruckheimer production, there'd be a meaningful chord.

21:00 - Don is clearly trying to develop a superpower to blend into the furniture as Allison rushes out. Peggy'll take care of it, though. She rocks.

22:00 - Orrrrrrrr not. Wow. That is not what I was expecting.

23:00 - Kenneth's back! And he got a pair!

25:15 - "My mom was a nurse at the state hospital in Vermont, and that was the last time I saw so many retarded people in one building." Nice! I'm using that.

29:00 - Excellent work, Allison! What kind of jackass won't even write a recommendation? Ugh.

30:40 - First Peggy watches Don's reaction to the explosion, then the LIFE magazine woman asks her out. A big day! And that is most definitely not a platonic invite. Will Peggy visit the Isle of Sapphos?

32:00 - Did Kenneth tell Pete where to find his balls?

35:00 - See, I thought in 1965 that boyfriends did own the va-jayjays. But noooo! Just renting!

37:30 - One great thing about the Live Blogging is you have an incentive to google the various cameos. Like David Kellogg.

41:30 - Is Peggy trying to be the better person, or just sticking it to Pete by making him so nervous? Right. I guess i's the former.

44:30 - Way to go, Don! Any doubt that you were the cause of Allison's breakdown is now gone. Also not really impressing Lady Dr. Phil.

46:00 - WTF was that between Pete and Peggy? Does she see him as her lost path to love and maternity?

What's the verdict? I think they've gotten their groove back. With some resolution of Allison's situation (let's hope she doesn't disappear) and Peggy getting some serious shades of gray in the process, I have to grade it:

* By the end of the episode, it's clear that she was pissed because she went from awesome to nonexistent in one episode.

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