Monday, September 27, 2010

Mad Men Live Blogging - Season 4.10: Hands And Knees

Hmmmm... "Hands And Knees"? That can't be good. My bet is Betty begs Don to come back

1:00 - Could Roger look any older?

1:45 - Joan's "very late"? This is not surprising. But I don't think Roger understands that she actually wants a kid. And I'm pretty sure a 3rd abortion won't help.

3:15 - Sally's got her Beatles scream ready! And at Shea, no less!

5:00 - Your wife has no wish to see you unless you're in London? Sounds like true love!

7:10 - Lane wants Don to join him and Dad for dinner? Does this mean Don is also supplying escorts? I guess at the Playboy club, that's not necessary. Yet.

8:45 - Has Lane come down with a case of jungle fever? And does he really want to fawn over the Bunnies with his dad there?

10:10 - Wait. Don is requesting security clearance? Hooboy.

11:00 - "Do you have any reason to believe that Mr. Draper isn't who he says he is?" Well, only if you count him admitting to stealing another man's identity.

12:30 - Don is sweating like he's up for the death penalty.

14:00 - And now so is Megan. Is she more worried about losing her job or her crush?

15:30 - Ouch! Roger getting the full moral lecture from his doc is quite the contrast to a still-married Lane expressing his love for his, and I QUOTE, "chocolate bunny*". Even the pun doesn't save that.

18:30 - Roger is careening wildly through his "what are we going to do?" talk with Joan -- starting with "what if this is a sign" then "maybe I'm in love with you" to "No, of course not" when asked if he wants it. Then bouncing to "you can keep it, but it won't be mine" followed by a implying how everything works if Dr. Rapist gets killed. Joan takes control by pushing him away.

21:30 - "I don't have to live with your shit over my head." Pete HAS grown some balls!

24:30 - Holy crap! That is one young mother-daughter pair at the clinic. Fortunately mom has Joan to talk to during the wait. Joan apparently isn't comfortable owning up to being the one getting the "procedure".

28:00 - Lucky Strike is ditching SCDP? This doesn't bode well for Don's defense department issues.

31:00 - Don is officially losing it! Not good, but exciting. Well, as exciting

33:30 - Jesus Christ! Lane's dad cold-clocked him with his cane and threatened him unless he fixed his life. THAT's a hardass father.

35:30 - Pete whining about how the honest people have to cover for the liars is pretty sweet. I guess he forgot about the nanny from down the hall.

39:45 - Faye passes the "Korea test". Unfortunately, now Pete knows they're sleeping together.

44:00 - I guess you can't say "fucked up" on AMC. I'm amazed Pete actually took that tirade for Don. Wow.

46:40 - So, Don's got a thing for Megan, eh? Smart move, taking interest in another secretary now that Faye knows the secret. No risk there!

This is developing into quite an interesting end to the season. I was completely wrong about the title, unsurprisingly.  Will Don face his past or keep running? Will Megan be the next stop on the race? And will Sally still have a voice after screaming for 2 hours straight?  This would've been a classic, but it has the feel of an episode that's an appetizer rather than delivering a full meal.  Especially as it seems the potentially great storyline of Lane and his black girlfriend seems to be buried, as does a Joan pregnancy.
Verdict: B

* I originally heard this as the incredibly offensive "jungle bunny" but Lane is apparently less of a jackhole than I'd thought. My bad!

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