Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mad Men Live Blogging - Season 4.8: The Summer Man

After last week's SPECTACULAR Don-Peggy episode, this one looks like a doozy -- Betty & the fam, Joanie and Dr. Rapist, Dr. Freudian Dream and more Peggy? Yes, please!

2:00 - Don swims laps? Not very well, apparently. And writes in a diary? About his drinking? Let's hope he's turning the corner.

4:00 - Rocking a cigarette machine back and forth? Is this a metaphor for breaking up?

5:00 - I think some of the Jersey Shore cast members are smarter than Joey. What kind of moron freelance copywriter is dumb enough to mess with Joan? To quote Frank Sinatra, Joan's got "chunks of guys tougher than you in my stool."* I do like Rizzo mooning them in the background, though. A pressed ham is rarely NOT funny.

5:45 - On the other hand, telling ANYONE that they "look like you're trying to get raped" is never funny. Not even in 1965. Then to say she looks like a "madam from a Shanghai whorehouse"? Ugh. I hope he's 1-A when Johnson ramps up the draft.

8:45 - Seeing Joan breakdown because Dr. Clueless doesn't understand her work situation is heartbreaking. On the bright side, the DO use live ammo at basic training...

12:00 - As disconcerting as it is to hear Don writing in his diary (journal? proto-memoirs?), him staring at the booze is much worse. I think this season is sponsored by AA.

15:10 - Was Joey being hit on? Or is Harry just too nice? I'm betting the latter. But Joey has Mommy issues and is a jackass? Winner, winner, chicken dinner!

16:10 - "Every date feels like a first date with you." Tom Hanks gets this a lot, too.

18:30 - "The governor is putting together a team with his eye on '72" - I thought overly-early campaigning is a new thing. But 7 years? Not even Teddy Kennedywould need that long to get ready.

19:00 - Nothing makes for a more rewarding date than seeing your ex rush to the bathroom in an emotional fit. "I hate him." "Hate's a strong word, Betty. I hate Nazis." Thanks for clearing that up, champ.

21:00 - Betty needs to work on her throwing-the-man-out skills. Such an amateur.

21:40 - Don's double standard! So, it's a problem when the woman is pushy wanting more time, but when her taking charge leads to a BJ, that's ok? Oh, right.

23:15 - For any of you thinking of getting into a relationship in the 60s, remember, phone booths might SEEM private, but everyone can hear you.

25:45 - "You need three ingredients for a cocktail. Vodka and Mountain Dew is an emergency." Yes, and it's called finals week.

27:00 - "Peggy Olsen - pioneering the science of Wet Blanketry". I like it. I like it a lot.

30:00 - "Remember, you're not dying for me, because I never liked you." Dammit, is Joan going to fall apart, too?

34:30 - Don gets shot down AND gets a date. Dr. Freud is a complex woman.

36:00 - Every time I think Peggy and Joan might bond, this happens. Joan's right, though -- Peggy did kind of kneecap her on this.

39:30 - "You smell nice." "So do you. Like... chlorine?" Did chlorine smell better in 1965?

40:15 - Is Dr. Freud's dad in the mob?

41:30 - Is Don getting a date AND free therapy? Though Dr. Freud is far sexier at work -- the demure look doesn't wear well on her.

46:00 - A kids version of "Big Rock Candy Mountain"? It's cool that timeless hobo classics can be kept alive for the next generation. Of hobos.

Verdict? Another great episode, mainly because DON HAS PULLED IT TOGETHER. Or so we can hope. The big three of Peggy, Joan and Don all had big moments, but Joan seems to be going down. Hopefully the impending loss of Dr. Rapist will spur a rebound for her, too. Still, 2 out of 3 isn't bad. No Roger, and only a single Pete line, but still good.

* Damn, I love that skit.

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