Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Mad Men Live Blogging - Season 4.9: The Beautiful Girls

2:00 - Don and Dr. Freud having some Afternoon Delight! Niiiiiiiice.

3:30 - Don leaves her at his place? And no slapping? AND he's sober? It's a whole new world for Don!

4:45 - First the publisher, then Joan shoots him down?

5:45 - Telling Peggy to wait so he can have a post-coital nap? Don's mojo is back, baby!*

10:15 - Peggy is taking ethics lessons from a guy out of "West Side Story"? "Most of the things negroes can't do, I can't do either." Touché!

13:15 - Good to see Joan is turning down Roger's attempt to use Dr. Rapist's move to Vietnam to hook up.

16:45 - Hooray for Sally!

19:15 - I'm thinking printing an essay that will get a woman fired is not flattery as much crazy.

20:05 - Holy crap! Blankenship's dead? This is turning into a screwball 60s comedy. But the reaction on Ken's face when Pete and Joan wheel her out is priceless.

25:15 - Is the hot French secretary going to try to move into Don's life?

27:15 - A promise? Really? You know she has truth issues?

28:30 - "Every time I think back, all the good stuff was with you." OK, that's a good line. I'm using that the next time I want to get back with an ex.**

30:15 - Jebus, Roger -- you didn't want to take a cab in NY-fing-C because "it's a beautiful night"?!? Are you a moron?

31:15 - Apparently, not. I had no idea Joan was turned on by getting mugged. I guess the neighborhood is more romantic and less a dump after surviving a stick up.

33:30 - Sally is making French Toast? Though I'm a bit worried that Don is continuing to eat his rum-covered breakfast.

36:45 - Don is, thankfully, sober. And Megan is taking over his desk? That could be an issue. Aaaaannnddd apparently the peanut gallery agrees.

38:45 - Peggy's audition as the office liberal was not so successful.

40:45 - Megan is good with Sally! She's not officially a dark horse candidate for the next Mrs. Draper.

42:15 - Megan is also into Don. Big time. Wow. Or is it that she wants kids?

44:15 - And Faye "didn't really sleep"? Is that related to her dinner plans from the previous night?

45:15 - Joyce is kind of giving Peggy the lesbian hard-sell, isn't she?

46:45 - I like the ending, with the new trio of office women. Note that only the single woman looks even vaguely happy. Faye looks like Blankenship died because of her bad mothering skills.

Verdict: The zany nature of the episode took quite a turn with Sally's tantrum. I'm not sure about introducing another hot brunette secretary that's in love with Don, but maybe she'll be a good counterpart to Faye. Speaking of whom, this episode made her appear far more vulnerable, which is not normally Don's cup of tea. I don't think it bodes well for them. Still, very good...

* Yes, George, I'm using your "baby" now.
** If you're an ex, I mean you, not those other tramps. Bitches, all of them. Only you, baby.

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