Sunday, September 26, 2010

Outsourced Live Blogging: Pilot

It's supposed to be the most offensive new show on TV -- how could I not watch it? If you know anything about me, you know I love two things: offensive humor and the wrong women*. All Offensiveness Ratings (OR) will be on a scale of 10, with 1 being "you jerk!" and 10 being "Go **&* yourself, you *(&^ *&$#!" So, here we go!

1:00 - Wait, it's his first day back from management training and he's wearing a corduroy jacket and his tie is loose? Not a good sign.

1:40 - OK, they score some points for having Arthur Bryant's BBQ. Damn that makes me hungry. Risotto with bresaola is great, but I do miss good ribs.

2:00 - "It's like Frogger, but with real people!" OR: 1.3

3:30 - If the angry-looking Sikh had gotten up and assassinated the boss, that would have been simultaneously the most intelligent joke of the night AND an OR of 10! Instead, he just looks angry which is OR: 3

4:20 - "Your name is Manmeet? It must be hard to chat on the internet with a name like Manmeet" OR: 6. Really working the name/accent stereotypes here, they're going to need to up their game if they want to make it truly reprehensive.

5:30 - Cow outside the window, OR: 2. "I guess you don't have to go far for the creamer" and raised eyebrow/hand gesture combo, OR: 4

7:10 - "Do you hate your own ass?" If I hadn't lived abroad in 3 countries,
OR: 6. Having done so, and had stomach problems on arrival in all 3, OR: 3.

9:00 - "They're all descended from convicts. God, I love Australian women"
OR: 5. Think I'm overstating? Try it as an opening line the next time you meet an Aussie.

10:30 - Avoiding the creepy guy that talks your ear off?
OR: 0 . This is a necessary life skill.

14:30 - This whole bit with Indians not understanding that Americans just waste their money on a bunch of crap? Unfunny AND
OR: 7. Not to Indians, but to the millions of Americans who've devoted their lives to convincing the rest of the world to be as materialistic and shallow as us. They lost a lot of good men out there!

15:30 - "We're in Detroit, city of motors and black people!" Following the "K is for Krishna" bit,
OR: 6

16:00 - Wanting to fire a woman just because she's lower caste? Even for the office jackhole, this is
OR: 8

18:15 - Office nerd singing and dancing to "Don'cha"?
OR: 2, and that's for the dated song. Tik Tok would've been fine.

19:00 - Rajiv trying to suck up while not knowing who the Bad News Bears are?
OR: 0. Finishing with "Who wants a bear in their village?" OR: 5

So, overall? I actually didn't think it was anywhere as bad as predicted. Actually, as an American living abroad, the jackass American was as offensive as anything else in the show (but also, unfortunately, not completely unreasonable -- like several of the other offensive jokes). The show was also funniest when not dealing in stereotypes but instead working with the idea of the B team loser dynamic, which is, without a doubt, definitely an issue in outsourcing.
Verdict: C+,
OR: 5.2

* No, not you**.
** Not you, either***.
*** Yep, you.

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