Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Mad Men Live Blogging - Season 4.11: Chinese Wall

1:30 - "Nobody talk! I'm really stoned." Now, that's what you want to hear from your driver. And, hi, Joyce!

2:30 - Apparently liberal boy has learned something!

4:00 - Cosgrove has a family? And now he has the dirt on Lucky Strike?

6:30 - Nice job of acting by Roger. It can't be easy to fake indignance on a secret you've been hiding for weeks.

11:45 - "I'm not letting you leave" Nice work, Peggy!  Taking control!

15:15 - "Sounds like everything's under control!" Rizzo the art boy is clearly an idiot to drink the company Kool-Aid so blatantly.

18:00 - Roger has never been more pathetic. That call was like a cold shower to Joan.

23:00 - Don needs Megan to police his drinking? At least he knows it, I guess.  Or is this his way of increasing their intimacy?  I know it's mine.

26:30 - "I'm not a solution to your problems, I'm a problem."  My dates use this line on me all the time.  Is that bad?

30:00 - Nice work, Don! Now you have relationship problems, too!

33:45 - Rizzo comes on to Peggy, then doesn't tell her she has lipstick on her teeth? What a tool.

37:45 - So, Megan wants to be Peggy? Cynical JT thinks she might have an ulterior motive.

40:30 - Aaaaannnddddd... she does. But is she really ok with a fling on the couch? Then again, maybe she's Don's ticket to the Sexual Revolution. How's he going to feel about that?

43:00 - "I'm so proud of you" I'm not sure that's a good idea -- Roger seems like he wants to ride this self-pity thing out rather than have sex with his hot young wife.

45:00 - Faye sold out her ethics for Don? He must feel great right now!

Verdict: The ante has been upped! I see Faye and Don falling apart ASAP as he falls under the sway of the lovely artist Megan. Will Roger be tossed out, or will they make a last blackmail-y ploy on Lee, Jr?

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jenny said...

oooh i just love Mad Men, i wish there would be more and more of it!