Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mad Men Live Blogging - Season 4.13: Tomorrowland

This is it! The end of the Mad Men season and the harbinger of my return to normal blogging. Will the Don/Megan/Faye triangle blow up? Will Betty and Henry move? Can Roger stop being a loser? I'm thinking Yes, Yes, No.

2:00 - Oof. Faye is recommending that Don comes clean? I can't get over the feeling that she's too good to be true for him.

3:00 - Of course, now when I see Joan, I wonder if she's showing. And I think she is.

5:30 - I'm getting a Carousel vibe from Don's pitch. Does Don miss his childhood?

7:00 - Cosgrove stands up for himself? Nice!

8:15 - I was really going to mock Glen for being creepy until I found out his dad is the creator. It's a bitch when you realize that it's people that you're mocking, especially little people.  And now he doesn't seem all that creepy.

10:30 - Betty is going to fire Carla? What a complete and utter bitch. Ugh. She's such a child.

12:15 - Carla is "poisoning the well"? More psycho Betty. Is this an opening for Megan?

14:00 - I love Joyce's bemused/disgusted look at Harry's blatant come-on.  When did Harry become so sleazy?  I assumed his trips to LA were for an affair, but this is the same guy who freaked out over a drunken-JFK-victory-induced hook-up.

15:00 - Megan spending a week with Don and the kids? That has disaster written all over it. Well, disaster for the relationship with Faye, not so much for the episode.

18:00 - Wait, what? Don cops to being called Dick? I did NOT see that coming. I am worried that Megan is going to find the ring and wacky misunderstandings will ensue.

21:30 - Megan clearly told her friend about Don -- she sized him up like a farmer appraising a new mule.

22:30 - Betty's a mess, and now Don is ditching "The Spy Who Came in From The Cold" for a late night Megan rendezvous? He's so nervous -- old Don would've boldly taken charge.

24:45 - I gotta disagree with Don -- I dislike her teeth.

26:30 - Wow. Megan is really in love. Of course, she loves the image of Don, Faye loves actual Don. I think Don loves the image, too.

30:00 - It's nice to see Peggy rocking without Don.

31:00 - That looks suspiciously like the Diner in Pulp Fiction. Is Honeybunny going to jump up and yell "if any of you fucking pricks move, I'll execute every-mother-fucking-last-one of you!" I bet Betty would blame Don for that, too. Of course, Megan would probably just smooth it over.

32:45 - The old Don never would've asked her to marry him so soon. Will he cheat on her with Faye? And THAT is not going to be fun. I liked Faye.

37:55 - I do feel bad that Don is getting rehitched, but it did get a little dusty here when he & Peggy talked.

39:30 - Does this mean that Peggy and Joan are BFFs?

40:30 - I feel really, really, really bad for Faye.

42:30 - HA! I knew it! She is pregnant and has convinced Dr. Rapist that it's his. He really is a tool. On the bright side, he's in 'Nam, hopefully soon to be telegram.

I like how the women of the office (OK, fine, Peggy and Joan) lost so much respect for Don. Ironically, Peggy has lots in common with Megan, and maybe that's why she's the angriest -- Joan just seems resigned to the fact that Don is just like Roger.  I wonder if Joan gave Megan the same "use your assets" speech she gave to Peggy -- but Megan actually did it.

After a great season, this was a bit of a downer, partly because I was backing the wrong horse in the race for Don's affections. There was a lot to cover, and it's disappointing to not have anymore Roger or any follow-up to Bert leaving. While the season overall has been a solid A- or even an A, the finale was just a ...

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