Saturday, January 01, 2011

Let Me Be The First To Wish You...

I always feel guilty when I forget birthdays, anniversaries, etc. so this year I'm not going to. So, to all of you for whom the following apply, let me wish you...
Happy Birthday!
Happy Anniversary!
Congratulations on the birth of your child(ren)!
Congrats on your marriage/divorce!
You got the mole removed? Niiice!
Wow! Those look great -- but doesn't your back hurt now?
Happy Thanksgiving!
Happy Valentine's Day!
Happy Veterans/Memorial/Labor/Independence/Arbor/Columbus/Presidents/MLK/Grandparents/Women's Day
Happy Mother's Day!
Happy Father's Day!
A Successful Whacking Day!
Merry Robanukah!
Happy Festivus!
A Lascivious Holiday of Mouth Pleasures
Merry Christmas!
Happy Chanukah!
Kwazy Kwanzaa!
A tip-top Tet!
A solemn, dignified Ramadan*

Feel free to add any I missed!

* If you don't know, those last 5 were from the Simpsons


Lisa said...

I hope I don't lose any girl points for reminding you of March 14th- Steak and BJ day, like the anti Valentine's Day. Every year there's some yahoo that brings it up (not my husband, duh).

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter, "Trevlig midsommar" (midsummer) and Cinnamon bun day is missing. And not to be forgotten:Happy it-managers day.