Friday, January 21, 2011

Well, THAT Was Badass

One thing I miss about living in Dallas is the red-tailed hawks. I saw one every morning on the drive to work, and I'd always see a few on my way to Nac. But in the 'dorf, we've got an assload of rabbits, but no predators. At least, I didn't think we did, until I cut through the park on my way home. What did I see? This* bad boy/girl (I have trouble distinguishing the gender of other species night while riding my bike).

Unfortunately, it didn't live up to its crafty reputation. As I watched from 20 yards** away, the fox looked disinterested as several juicy-looking rabbits, real Hasenpfeffer material, crossed its path, and what did the legendarily crafty fox do? 2 things: jack and shit. No stalking, no pouncing, not even legitimate prowling, just some really half-assed padding around. It was like watching an SEC auditor going over Citibank's books.

* Well, probably a distant cousin of his/hers.
** Maybe even 18m.

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