Wednesday, February 16, 2011

30 Rock Live Blogging: Facebook Status Updates - Double-Edged Sword

Once again, Luxembourg has blog-blocked me. The weekend trip* meant I didn't have time to watch my beloved 30 Rock til now.

Acceptable Status Updates:

  • Never sleeps on planes -- I don't want to be incepted
  • Is a Type-A nutjob
  • Needs a whale saddle
  • Is a businessman, not an air marshal
  • Wants to be a big government duel-loser
  • Is just airplane folk now
  • 's incompetence knows no bounds
  • Memorized all 700 words in the Canadian dictionary

UNacceptable Status Updates:

  • Packed underwear that isn't grey
  • Has a pencil sticking out of his fly
  • Needs a whale saddle**
  • Doesn't think those cashews look like a bowl of baby penises
  • Compromises readily on movie choices and sexual positions
* Also, Season 5 of The Wire
** UNacceptable if you're dating/sleeping with someone who is, um, hefty (or thinks they are)

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