Saturday, February 19, 2011

30 Rock Live Blogging: Facebook Status Updates - It's Never Too Later For Now

OK, dear readers, I've survived a SPECTACULAR week filled with non-blogatory events, and I'm here to give you your status updates. As always, this blog is not to be held responsible for your irresponsible use of these status updates!

Acceptable Status Updates:

  • Had all that once, for 3 weeks, back in the 80s
  • Hopes there was enough shark meat in the refrigerator for one of your sandwiches
  • Hasn't spoken to Joe Namath since that Mardi Gras
  • Knows how much you like clearly-marked fire exits
  • Is pissed they made his droids wait outside*
  • 's heart is pounding like he's watching Oprah's farewell season
  • Got hit by a bird on a roller coaster
  • Has that weekend style
UNacceptable Status Updates:
  • Took the money he was saving for a honeymoon and bought a cemetery plot
  • Likes his tampons to be cold
  • Likes how you don't have one weird little tooth
  • Got to first base, which is what he considers sex with a stranger
  • Is a weekend woman

* OK, I took some liberties here.

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