Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lost Posts: Germany During The World Cup

So, I'm going back through my blog graveyard (Blogger calls it "drafts") and trying to post some lost "gems"*. Here's the first!

Germany during the World Cup is like a nation of Cowboys fans on crack. Total overreaction to everything. Beat 10-man Australia 4-0? The team is going to win the world cup by at least 3 goals in each game. Lose with 10 men to Serbia? The team is going to lose to England. Beat England and Argentina? Back to winning it all by multiple goals. Lose to Spain? They're awesome and it's no big deal.

It's crazy, but fun. I am really, really glad they didn't win, though. Just like fans in Dallas if the Jerrys ever win again, my coworkers would be insanely annoying (most think Brazil "deserved" only 2 of its titles, while Germany deserved at least 2 more than they have). I'd love to be in a country when it wins the World Cup, then leave as soon as the party stops :) Which means, sadly, I won't be in the USA in July 2014.

* Did you know that "sapphire" means "poorly written, self-indulgent tripe"?

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