Monday, March 07, 2011

WTF? Dream Edition

I think Karneval has infected my subconscious. Last night I had a dream (no doubt spurred by me trying to figure out what to do for Easter) where I was traveling with 3 friends. We flew to Italy, and then were taking a train to somewhere when we decided to get off the train for unclear reasons. Now, normal people would take their luggage with them. We did not. So we took an overnight stopover, then headed back the next day to the train station to get our luggage -- on the premise that it would be on the same train, albeit 1 day later. It was as we were taking a cab* to the train station that Dream JT** realized that this was idiotic. Not because the bags wouldn't be there -- but because we'd lost our hotel reservation at the final destination by not showing up or calling. However, the most bizarre part was that we were almost late for the train because we had to wait for Scott to pack his bags -- full of pine tree branches.

Can I outsource my dreaming to a more competent subconscious mind?

* Dream JT's laziness to cheapness ratio is apparently higher than Reality JT's
** Coincidentally, this is how all my girlfriends refer to me

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