Saturday, April 02, 2011

A Clarification

So, some of you seem to have missed the correlation between the date of my post on April 1 and the content. Just to be abso-fing-lutely clear, I'm NOT going to be kinder, less cynical or more loving until Easter. I mean, "Enjoy the heartfelt joy"? C'mon. JFC, that is clearly not me.

I'm saddened most, not that no one* knew that it was a lame prank, by the no one asking if I'd recently suffered a major head injury**. I thought I'd trained you lot better. Clearly, you're either bleeding-heart sentimentalists or just very, very slow learners. Or both.

* other than Carrrllllll, I'm assuming
** Clearly the only other explanation for such sentimental pap.

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