Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Don't Hate The Player...

So, my quiet, mellow coworker* apparently had some game back in the day. When asked how they met, Albert & Isabella X** had this story...

Albert was at a party in college, getting drinks for himself and a friend, and he spied a hot woman across the room who was CLEARLY pissed off because her date was late/bailing/dead. So, does he chat her up? Perhaps throw the missing jackhole under the bus? No. He goes to her, says nothing, hands her his friend's drink and walks off. Her interest piqued, they meet up later in the evening. Now, being a poor college student, Albert doesn't have the makings of a fancy drink like a "tequila shot"***. He has the tequila, but that's it. So, does he give up, or does he wing it and get lucky? He improvises banana and cinnamon to go with the tequila. Does it work? Only for 12 years. And counting. Nice work, "Albert"!

* Seriously, he's so mild-mannered I thought he might be an alter-ego for a super hero
** Not their real names
*** For those of you who didn't attend college, a tequila shot requires 1) tequila 2) a lime wedge and 3) salt

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