Friday, April 01, 2011

International BFFs!

Let's be honest: this situation in Libya has got to change. Who can convince Gaddafi* to step down? He's pretty much hated in the Middle East (for being such a douchebag that even the repressive regimes in the Arab League wanted the West to step in), and no one in the industrialized world wants to hang out with a guy wearing drapes.

No one, that is, except everyone's favorite sleazebag-in-chief, Silvio Berlusconi:

He and Gaddafi have been tight ever since they realized that they both enjoy using their power to surround themselves with hot women -- Gaddafi with his female bodyguards and Ukrainian nurses and Berlusconi with his political appointees, under-18 party guests and prostitutes.

So, Silvio, step up to the plate and invite your buddy to live in exile at one of your estates filled with young hotties. They won't mind, since they're getting paid, and he can finally hang out with women that don't mind him dressing like my high school history teacher.

Let's close with a dance number!

* Don't even get me started about the 9000 ways to spell his name

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