Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring Travel Schedule

OK, I've been on a trip-planning binge, and here's the semi-final plan for the next 3 months. If you're interested in joining, just let me know. I mainly provide the list so Steve will know when to visit the 'dorf.

April 15-17: Krakow, Poland -- Benny's bachelor party. Sure to be filled with intellectual conversation, good food and history. Well, 1 out of 3, at least.

April 21-24: Budapest, Hungary -- One of my favorite cities should a good spot to spend Easter.

April 28-April 30: Bibione, Italy -- The annual beach tournament will be my first competitive ultimate in almost 10 months. Prepare for extreme suckage!

May 13-15: Cork, Ireland -- Benny's wedding! Also Murphy's and maybe the Cork Butter Museum. The dream lives!

May 21-24: Prague, Czech Rep -- A cheap flight means that I finally make the Czech Beer Fest. Also a bike tour and lots of tasty food.

June 2-5: Belgrade, Serbia -- I've never been to Serbia, so why not now? Gotta take advantage of the random Catholic holiday, right?

June 17-19: Amsterdam -- The annual Windmill Windup tournament, so I probably won't see much of the city, but it should still be fun. Gotta love playing with deLux!

The rest of the year is still up for grabs, so feel free to offer suggestions!

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