Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Current Event Scam!

Sadly, the various Nigerian princes and ministers seem to have overcome their troubles, as I haven't received any spam from them in months. But today I received this email, and it breaks a lot of new ground -- it is keyed by current events and it's based in China instead of Nigeria (or Nigerians living elsewhere).  Enjoy (my comments in red)!

A plea for help!
I love that she a) gives the letter a title and b) is enthusiastic enough to use an exclamation point.

I am Ms. Mariah Raflat from Benghazi Libya presently in CHINA. I am 23 years and the only Daughter of Late Mr. Mohammed Raflat, one of the leaders of the Libya National Oil Corporation (NOC). My hope is to look for a good person or company that will assist me to claim a deposited FUND with a BANK here in CHINA, due to the local war going on in my country. My Father was killed in this war including all other members of my family by the Muammar Gaddafi's regime.

Putting the words "FUND", "BANK" and "CHINA" in all caps is great -- like bullet points for scams!

The total fund is USA$4.5Million. I will give you 30% after assisting me to finish this business. Please I need your assistance to finalize this transaction. Upon receiving a positive response from you, all details will be made available to you on how to proceed. I wait to see your urgent respond to this mail.
It wouldn't be a scam without at least one grammar error.  "Respond" instead of "response" is minor, but the letter just wouldn't feel right without it.
I will give you my number to call me as soon as I hear from you today.

Mariah Raflat.

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magpie said...

So was there an actual number in the email?