Saturday, July 16, 2011

Justifiable Shoplifting

I'm in line at the grocery store yesterday around 6pm. The line is HUGE, because everyone and their brother wants to buy food so they can eat dinner before going out on Friday*. I ask the cashier if she can call someone else to help, and she says, "no, everyone is off -- their shifts are over."** I immediately think back to when I was working at Hastings, and our shifts just went longer if there were too many customers. I then drifted into fantasizing about just putting my intended-purchases**** into my backpack, sneaking out, and enjoying my food bought with the five minutes I wasted. Instead, I waited my turn and paid out.

All stories lead somewhere. "Somewhere" for this story just happened to mean "nowhere".

* Or so I'm assuming
** Maybe my German isn't so shitty*** if I can say/understand all this
*** Kidding! It really is so shitty
**** Frozen pizza, wine, chocolate and cookies to make a graham cracker crust

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swcook said...

Ahh. The socialist utopia that is Euroland.