Sunday, July 24, 2011

Snarky Serendipity

So I'm at the monthly Expat Meetup at O'Reilly's last night, talking to this Japanese* woman. We exchange the usual pointless small talk, "How long have you been in Düsseldorf?", etc. That's when we have this exchange:

Her: Where are you from?
Me: Texas
Her: Oh? Is it dangerous there?
Me: What do you mean? (I'm assuming she's referring to the usual foreign concept of everyone in Texas packing heat, all the time)
(At this point my Mexican buddy Alberto walks up to join the conversation)
Her, whispering: Because of the Mexicans

Now, this is like Christmas come early to a smartass like me. Had Alberto not just walked up, I might've answered seriously. Instead...

Me, pointing to Alberto: Yeah, those Mexicans make it terrifying for everyone.

She then realizes what she's said and goes into hyper-apology mode. This is clearly mortifying to her, but Alberto was a gentleman and immediately let her off the hook by saying it was no big deal. I would not have been so kind!

* This will be a material detail to the story

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