Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Women's World Cup 2011: USA - France Photos

The USA made the semifinals a mere 45 minutes from the 'dorf -- of course I'll be there! FBers go HERE for photos and video!

So, the USA topped France to make the semis of the Women's World Cup. It wasn't always pretty, but the USA dominated the 1st and last 20 min of the match -- and got the goals. Which is what matters, so they'll face Japan in the final on Sunday. Clearly, I'll be cheering for the USA. I'm betting most of the crowd will be cheering for Japan, for 2 reasons: sympathy for the Fukushima disaster and they don't want the USA to have 3 titles to Germany's 2. No matter, USA! USA! USA!

Just to prove I'm not a complete homer, here's a video of an uncalled handball by the USA's Carli Lloyd:

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Steve said...

You once again make me jealous with your photos.