Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Women's World Cup Live Blogging: USA - Sweden 1st Half

It's been a while, but live blogging is back! Time "stamps" are my local time.

8:41 - What's the protocol on standing for the anthem when I'm on my couch? I'm pretty sure the Founding Fathers would want me to remain on my ass. So I will.

8:44 - Having attended the France-Germany game last night, I'm curious to see if either of these teams can defend against headers on set pieces. Because the Germans and French BOTH sucked at it. If either team had given up on scoring and just tried to win corners, they easily could've scored 10 goals.

8:46 - Our first "kick it to nowhere" play of the day, or "the Canadian" as it's called in women's soccer.

8:50 - The US women appear to have a strategy of "get in a dangerous position, then pass to the Swedes." It's a bold strategy, let's see how it works out for them.

8:52 - Wow. The US got incredibly lucky when the Swedish attacker was so distracted by Hope Solo's hotness that she shot right at her in a 1-on-1. At least, I'm betting that's what Sean thinks is the explanation.

8:58 - Some nice work by the USA, but Abby Wambach forgot that the near post is always shut down.

8:59 - Lepeilbet is lucky to only give up a penalty and a yellow when she drags down the Swedish woman alone in the box.

9:00 - Solo is doing a great job of wasting time before the PK, even getting the ref to make her put her toes on the line. Doesn't matter, though, as the kick was perfect.

9:02 - The Swedish fans celebrate by doing the annoying "7 Nation Army" cheer. I hate that.

9:04 - Wambach had a great play to set up ???, but it's just wide.

9:07 - The German announcer either didn't learn all the American names or they all look the same, since every long ball is "für Wambach"

9:10 - I thought that was a great quick header to Solo by the USA defender, but she didn't see it. SO, more embarrassing than great.

9:14 - This is turning into one of those nightmare games (see: World Cup 2010, USA men) where the USA dominates the ball and the chances, but manages not to score.

9:16 - Rodriguez misses the chip over the keeper (while being held by her defender).

9:20 - Ugh. Lepeilbet is taking over the Agoos role. The free kick ricochets off her to flat foot Solo. The announcer thinks the Swedes are playing "super" but the 2 goals have been off USA mistakes (the first was set up by a missed header). The Swedes are playing OK, but the Americans are making them look much better.

9:23 - The Swedes apparently play Australian Rules Football. They've been clocking the US players at every opportunity, but the ref apparently feels that body blows when you don't go for the ball aren't yellow-worthy.

9:27 - The USA has apparently given up on anything except long crosses. Which would be fine if they were playing against France or Germany, but Sweden apparently expected this.

9:32 - The announcer is now going on about Sweden playing with a self-belief, a surety. Also with the willingness to foul at all times.

So, 2nd half. Not sure I'll blog, as it's been a bit less mockable than the men's games. Perhaps this explains why:

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