Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Best Pizza In The Dorf - Part 1 Su Nuraghe

Ok, first contender in the Best Pizza in the 'dorf - Su Nuraghe. It's a neighborhood joint, tiny but full with a constant stream of take-out customers -- a good sign. What was not so good was that most of these were eating pasta (tasty-looking pasta, but, still). But it was a Friday evening, and not everyone in the 'dorf is a blogger intent on finding the tastiest pizza in town. So, as good as the pasta might've looked, I went ahead with pizza.

What I Ordered: After some deliberation on the menu, I passed on the delicious-sounding Siria (bresaola, gorgonzola rucola and shaved parmesan) to go for the house-named Nuraghe (fresh mushrooms, spinach, onions, and garlic). I agreed to both extra garlic and "spicy" because a) I'm a hardass and b) I wasn't going to hook up on Friday, anyway. So, how was it? From the bottom up...

Crust: 8 - Su Nuraghe opts for the ultra-thin, crispy crust. It was quite good, actually. A bit smoky from the wood oven, and even the last pieces were crisp. Unfortunately, the center was a bit soft, which kept it from perfection.

Sauce: 5 - A solid "meh". Not bad, just blah. Even on its own it was bland; it had no chance against garlic and onions.

Toppings: 4 - The mushrooms were fresh, but buttons have no flavor. The onions had a bit of bite, but not too much. The spinach, however? Frozen. If I return, I'll be ordering to avoid the potentially frozen veggies. And ordering in fear is never a good thing. Remember Yoda's wisdom: fear leads to bad toppings, bad toppings lead to bad pizza. Or something. It was Episode I, so I forget. Anyway, frozen spinach in summer? Nope!

Cheese: 5 - Not great, not bad. It had little flavor, but good body. Then again, not many cheeses will stand out against the Dynamic Duo of onions and garlic*.

Intangibles**: 7 - The wine choices were weak (house red and white), but salvaged by a light, lightly sweet Lambrusco, which is a great summer aperitif. And the neighborhood feel is awesome. Sadly, it's not my neighborhood.

Final Decision: 29 - It's not toppling Di Napoli, but it was tasty. A return visit might improve the score, but til then, it's above average. Barely.

* The top crime-fighting pair in the topping universe
** Well, some of these are intangible. But using the word makes me feel like I'm rating players for a draft. Thank you, Jay Bilas!


Anonymous said...

It's Germany. chances that the cheese is good is kind of limited. As I said, it is Germany. They do other things than cheese well. Like raw pork. But not cheese... /Ann-Katrin

jtingermany said...

That's true, but if Napoli can use mozzarella or even buffala, then the others can, too. I'm just so done with gouda on pizza!

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more. But the problem seem to be that they don't even understand what they are missing. Which reminds me, I have to have a chat with my cheese dealers and see when they are heading to civilised countries next time and can bring me some back... /Ann-Katrin