Saturday, September 17, 2011

Brussels 2011 - Walkabout

A bit of a walkabout in between beer and tasty food. As always, you pay* for the photos, you get the snarky captions for free. And before you get to the variety of racial caricatures from the Belgian Comic Center, the deal is that one of the artists had a blurb that explained that his african character, complete with oversized, bright red lips, was "not in the least racist". Which apparently referred to the character's actions (intelligent, often outwitting the various white characters**) rather than his incredibly racist appearance. However, this became a running joke between Margaret and I as we saw the rather wide variety of racist characters in the museum. Sure, they were products of their times, but still. So, as you see them, just tell yourself, "not in the least racist". * Well, "pay" in this case includes the amount "zero" ** Or, "crackers"

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