Saturday, October 01, 2011

Aaaannndd Now I Hate Nickelback Even More

Let's be honest, Nickelback sucks. All their songs sounds alike*, and they all, well, suck. I don't think there's much way to get around this. You may disagree; of course, you may also have bad taste in music. Anyway, I wanted to hear "Super Bon Bon" and clicked on the first video that popped up. As it began to play, I noticed the word "Nickelback". I got the same feeling that I imagine a man** gets when he leans in to kiss a woman for the first time and thinks "wow, she really has a prominent Adam's Apple". And my fears were justified -- it was as shitty as I thought it would be. So, thanks, Nickelback, for once again resetting the standards for suckage. FBers go HERE for videos: -- Ugh! And here are 2 far superior live versions by the dearly departed Soul Coughing: * And some ARE the same -- their FAN CLUB was pissed off when they released songs 2 years apart that are exactly the same. Well, not EXACTLY. A defender of the band on youtube claimed "These two Nickelback songs played together do NOT match up perfectly as if they were the same song. They aren't exactly the same length, the choruses don't start at the same time, and it doesn't sound like 1 song playing when it's both of them." Unfortunately, it just sounds like the vocals for another shitty Nickelback have been played over this one. ** Well, a homophobic man. Just go with me here.

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