Monday, October 03, 2011

Happy German Unity Day!

Today is a holiday in German -- German Unity Day. Or, as it's known in Poland and France, "Civil Defence Readiness Day"*. So, sit down, pour yourself a Tegernsee, grab a brezel** and a bratwurst, and say the sacred Siegfried Oath. As for me, I'll be wearing a scarf with my lederhosen and complaining about how I can't go shopping on a holiday. It's called assimilation, baby***. 

* In Greece it's "Just Send Another Damn Check! Day" and in the USA "You Kids Better Not Make Me Come Over There Again Day" (in some areas it's "Suck it, Commies! Day")
** Or a pretzel, it's your call
*** Yeah, I'm using your "baby" now.


seanlb said...

I almost didn't read this, then i realized that Nickleback loves pretzels.

Show me a picture of Tegernsee, is that the beer that I liked a lot?

jtingermany said...

You can see one here -- since I'm not drinking right now, I don't want such temptation in my apartment!