Sunday, January 08, 2012

2012 Resolutions -- RESOLVED!

I've been less than successful with my resolutions the past few years, so I decided to do more manageable ones for 2012. And it's been a rousing success.

  • Go to the gym.  Status: Fulfilled
  • Read a book.  Status: Fulfilled
  • See a good sunrise AND a good sunset.  Status: Fulfilled
  • Curse less.  Status: Fulfilled!*
  • Eat healthier.  Status: Fulfilled!**

It was tough to do so much in such a short span of time, but I did it. For all of you still struggling with your resolutions, I feel your pain! Good luck, suckers!

* Compared to the total amount of cursing in 2011, you shit-eating dumbass. Sorry, I had a bit of room to spare.
** Compared to the final 3 weeks of 2011.


Chad W said...

I like the fact that JT's "German" Adventure now has Central Park, NY, NY as the banner. :-)

durled: the result of 6 or 7 shots of dewars

jtingermany said...

As any drunken German will tell you, "Ja, Ve call it New York, Future Germany!"