Sunday, February 26, 2012

30 Rock Facebook Status Updates - Leap Day

30 Rock was here for me, now I'm here for you. Well, my "here", not your "here", but I guess you figured that. Unless you're hiding in my apartment, then I guess it's both. If you are, can you do the dishes? I just can't be bothered. As always, I'm here to sort the various potential Facebook status updates into Appropriate and Inappropriate -- because that's how I roll. Mildly amusing, unoriginal and pretty lazy: that's my rollery*, all right.

- wrote lyrics to the Cantina Song from Star Wars
- has a bet with his business school roommates as to who can make the most money on Leap Day
- is starting to think that Leap Day William isn't even real

- thinks the Young Nazi Boy is the star of "The Sound of Music"
- is on a Sexual Walkabout
- thinks we have a slut-off on our hands
- is... Awwww, dammit, hot bitches
- can't have candy and cigarettes without a few tears
- started experimenting... with liberalism
- reminds you that a gym teacher on a sex tour of Indonesia called -- he wants his shirt back

* Get THEE to a rollery, Shakespeare

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