Tuesday, February 21, 2012

30 Rock Facebook Status Updates - The Tuxedo Begins

30 Rock is back! As always, I'm here to sort the various potential Facebook status updates into Appropriate and Inappropriate -- because everyone loves arbitrary binary distinctions.

- thinks New York is the world capitol of culture, finance and King Kong attacks
- is on the verge of class war
- does his hair by sticking his head in a cotton candy machine
- is running for mayor -- slogan to come
- has a Chewbacca costume made from used hair extensions

- wonders where a young prostitute gets started in this town
- only plays blondes, non-Irish redheads and sex robots
- is a selfish filth monster
- has a criminal skull shape
- is pregnant with a kitty cat
- is unpacking the sex monkey he bought in Jakarta

1 comment:

seanlb said...

"and you caught the guy that did it. congratulations Mr. Donaghy"