Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Narcissism Day!

If you're like me*, you're probably not a huge fan of Valentine's Day. If you're single, it's a ginormous reminder that you're alone. If you're not single, it's a minefield.
Personally, the V-Days that I spent with significant others have been almost universally underwhelming**. But what do to instead?
Narcissism Day. That's right -- love yourself. Spa day? Mani/pedi? Good workout at the gym? Whatever works for you. For me, on the inaugural Narcissism Day, I went with GSW: Gym, Steak, Wine.

It was quite nice, and the company was impeccable***. So, tell Hallmark to shove it, and take time today to celebrate... yourself. You deserve it****.

* If you're lucky, you're not
** If you're an ex and wondering, "was I one of the positives?" Sure, why not?
*** OK, fine. Mildly peccable, at most.
**** Shit, if I deserve it, you definitely do.


Micha said...

Judging on the portion size of you dinner, you were still secretly expecting someone else to come!?

Steve said...

Kudos on the choice of going Paleo for you Narcissism Day meal.

jtingermany said...

Micha, no, I wasn't. Trust me, the potatoes were tiny and the steak not much larger.

Steve, if all paleo were this tasty and easy, I might do it more often