Monday, February 06, 2012

Live Blogging: Super Bowl XLVI 2012 1st Quarter

Here I am again! My tentative plans to watch the game from Germany's largest Super Bowl party (at a bar/club here in the 'dorf) or the most fun (at my friend T's) were kiboshed by the bitterly cold weather and me having to be at work early tomorrow, respectively. So instead I'm going to live blog from my couch. I'll give real time stamps to emphasize how late it is.

12:26 am - What was the deal with how angry the Pats captains were with Tuck?
12:28 am - One advantage of German TV coverage -- constant sideline shots of Sebastian Vollmer.
12:29 am - Did you know that "Madonna: Die Haltimeshow" premieres tonight? I do, thanks to the infographic.
12:30 am - Yeah, "gute lauf" apparently doesn't mean "good run", since getting the kickoff to the 23 isn't a good run in most books.
12:32 am - People are CONSTANTLY telling me to watch German TV to improve my deutsch skills. Like tonight I learned that "der Go-To-Guy" means "the go-to guy"
12:35 am - Wow. The announcer just went completely bat-shit crazy over a first-down catch. He might have an aneurysm if there's a game-winning TD catch
12:38 am - First Super Bowl commercial break! And we get... shitty ads for internet service and a big box store. And the Mach 3 razor!
12:39 am - And this live blog is brought to you by Budvar Dark, so very tasty!
12:41 am - So, who gets credit for first points scored on a prop bet? Brady? Field? And, to be fair, Brady's ego was probably outside the tackle box
12:44 am - Several shots of Vollmer, but they kind of gloss over the fact that it was his man that hurried Brady
12:49 am - Is anyone else amazed at how sloppy the Pats are so far?
12:51 am - Cruuuuuuuuz! Yet the announcers were far happier with a Bradshaw run earlier in the drive. Very odd. Not as odd as the half-hearted swipe by the DB while Cruz was still juggling the catch. You'd think they didn't survive two weeks ago by a last-ditch swipe.
12:53 am - Germans are not big fans of humorous commercials with football.
12:58 am - Does anyone else think that Belichick is killing a series of homeless men to make a mannequin to model his hoodies?
1:00 am - The announcer is pretty clearly a Giants fan, based on his lack of excitement over this drive. Or his pregame drugs are wearing off.
1:01 am - Can someone tell Ross on the Giants that strutting after the Pats get a first down makes him look like a self-centered douche? And that Ray Lewis patented that move?
1:08 am - OK, the first quarter is done. And I'm going to stop blogging as my shitty new internet isn't working. Ugh.


Steve said...

Oh crap. I almost forgot this was on. More funny German play-by-play please

Anonymous said...

Specially for you, the M&M commercials from Super bowl 2012. First (and probably only) I saw from last night, but after friends on the other side of the pond commented that they wished their son hadn't seen it as he was now immitating the dance, I had to have a look. And yes, it made me giggle...