Thursday, February 02, 2012

New York: Art and Snark

I tend to get my art fix when I travel. And while the Guggenheim decided that Thursday was a great day to close*, the Met and MoMA both somehow soldiered on. So, I went, enjoyed the pretty pictures and moved on.


  • The Near East collection -- I love me some Assyrian/Babylonian/Akkadian art. Sadly, none seems to have kept its pigment like the Egyptian art, but it's just cool. I think part of this is how it appeals to the inner child in me that loves comics -- the muscular, otherworldly gods mixing with the lowlifes and kings alike. And, beards!
  • The temp exhibits at the Met (that don't allow photos -- jerks) were great -- Indian art, Japanese story paintings, and satirical drawings Free thai curry at the MoMA? Oh, yes! Finally, as a Citi "employee"**, free entry into the two museums

* Note to the Guggenheim: don't be closed on Thursday
** I have a mild 4th-dimensional displacement from my job

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