Saturday, March 24, 2012

30 Rock Facebook Status Updates - St. Patrick's Day

Kenneth is now The Man? Shocking! But also not good for status updates.  So, even though it's a week late, here it is!

- is honoring Ireland's great accomplishments, like Michael Lohan and vomiting into a bagpipe
- is riding out Hurricane Shamrock laughing at excerpts "Angela's Ashes"
- reminds you that St. Patrick's only worldly possession was "no snakes"
- is giving you two minutes to fill a sock with quarters before we go outside
- Solo'ed you

- is writing a meandering play about how awesome the Irish are at not overcoming adversity
- can't wait til the Asians take over
- is praying to Michael Jackson's ghost/the Great Kabbalah monster
- is wearing glass beads to the Pirates' Ball
- is a virgin... with white guys

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