Sunday, March 04, 2012

Everyday is Narcisscism Day!

Well, every Saturday. Tasty Zin*, meh bubbly (room for improvement!), steak, roasted garlic*-rosemary mash and broccoli with shaved*** cheddah****. As you can see:

Not shown: first strawberries of the season and dark chocolate for dessert. One must keep the food porn to reasonable levels, after all. Also not shown: the Moscow Mule for a post-dinner drink.

* 2008 Artezin Zin, if you're wondering. And why do all California Zin producers feel the need to pun? They know it makes us want to, um, punch them, right? Ugh, now the jackholes have me doing it.
** It may be overdone in restaurants, but it's damned tasty
*** Not waxed!
**** Thanks, Margaret/Meg/Mags/M'Lou & Dan!

1 comment:

Phil and Micha said...

Firstly, cheddah? - Yuck!
Secondly, the first strawberries of the season? Where were they from - South Africa, some turbo-greenhouse in Spain or made out of wax?
JT - you need to wait till May for real strawberries!!!