Thursday, April 19, 2012

30 Rock Facebook Status Updates - Episodes 16 & 17

The post-Rochelle catch-up continues!
- was mugged by two five-year-olds in a trenchcoat
- caused that Italian cruise ship to crash
- is the 4th-worst person he knows
- is wearing last year's sweatshirt to his cousin's wedding
- is sobbing like Bill Belichick listening to Adele
- is a little skittish about lady pilots, ever since Amelia Earhart
- wants you to shut your cabbage hole
- will love you even if you become a doctor, lawyer or even a philanthropist

- popo popped Dookie down by the vacants
- knows what else is from the 70s -- women staying quiet
- is laughing like a Jew watching the Daily Show*
- is going to the store for milk and heroin
- could be six feet under... in the subterranean paradise we built to escape the poor
- sold your photos to mü
- loves watching carriage horses get whipped

* Yes, I know, this is more offensive than normal for me - and that's saying something!

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