Monday, April 30, 2012

Rochelle, Rochelle Part 3: Milan

Sure, the average person doesn't take a BB (Baltics + Belarus) trip via Milan. Some would argue that Milan is in the exact opposite direction from the 'dorf. Those people are wrong*. It's a great intro to the trip -- the long bus rides (to/from the airports), the imposing architecture of the Duomo and the train station, the tasty food and cheap booze (wine in Italy, beer and vodka elsewhere) -- all these were to be key ingredients in the trip.

We never learn what Rochelle does in life (other than have an erotic journey), so I will have to guess.  Based on the number of expensive (and hence, fashionable) shops in Milan, I'm betting she was either a failed model or shoe designer. Seeing this inspired me to bloogling**, and so, I found this chart from the Italian Ministry of Finance**

After a tasty meal, I rode the sugar and caffeine rush to power through a trip to see the newly-cleaned duomo illuminated for the evening.

I woke up, went for a run in the sun (in shorts!), then headed for Bergamo and my cheap Ryan Air flight to Tallinn. Milan was done, the journey had begun in earnest. Sadly, the journey was still adjective-less.

Up next: An evening bar crawl in snain. Will I survive the second-hand douchebaggery of a night out in stag-heavy Tallinn?

* Tallinn is NE of the 'dorf (Minsk is ENE), Milan is South-by-Southeast. So not at all opposite.

**Bloogling: faking information claimed to be from the Internet, for the purposes of a blog

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Steve Cook said...

It's not fake information now. Once it' s on the internets it's 100% truthified.