Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A Moral Quandary

While I was in Dallas, I had 10 or so CDs stolen out of my car. I'm pretty sure the thief was disappointed with his haul, as it included very little pop music. At the time I was annoyed and told myself I'd get the CDs from friends and burn them. I didn't. A few I realize now that I've been missing: "In C" on traditional Chinese instruments (see video below), Pearl Jam's Vs., a signed CD by Mike Doughty (I'm still pissed about this) and a few others. I bought all these at one point, so it's ok to download them, right? I'm going with "Yes".

Another fun tidbit -- did you know that has some listings for audio cassettes? That seems so quaint now.

Regardless of your answer, enjoy the mesmerizing tones of one of my lost tracks:


Steve Cook said...

I would say it's ok. Your original purchase entitled you to make archival backups that, had YOU done it, would allow you to burn replacement copies. Since you did not do this, you are merely accepting the free services of someone else who did it for you.

And please, in the future, make these moral quandaries a bit more NC-17. Your cooperation in this effort will be greatly appreciated.

jtingermany said...

Would it help if I was thinking of paying a prostitute to download the music for me?