Saturday, June 02, 2012

Istanbul 2012 -- Food

One of my favorite parts of traveling is the food. And Istanbul did not disappoint. From döner and fish sandwiches on the streets to ornate Ottoman meals, it was all good. The highlights:
  • The aforementioned street food, especially the fish sandwiches
  • Sofyali 9, a great meyhane (tavern) where we had a huge number of mezze (basically, Turkish tapas) and a mixed grill.  Kudos to Jason for getting, and holding, a table for 9
  • The exquisite food at Asitane, which was well worth the haul out to the city walls (half the photos are from there)
  • The turkish white wine and raki -- I wasn't a fan until I was on my second or third glass of milky-white goodness. And Efes?  Not a bad pilsner.
So, enjoy the photos and don't hold your breath for more posts!


Anonymous said...

we travel the same way: For the food. In turkey my favourite kebab is the Adana kebab though, the spicy one. In Germany I only found proper Adana kebab once or twice, normally they miss out on the

jtingermany said...

If it involves the word "spicy", it doesn't make it to Germany

Steve Cook said...

I'm hungry now.

jtingermany said...

Steve, you would've loved the kebabs. Lots of tastiness, even if the tortilla-like wrapper wasn't all that paleo

Anonymous said...

True. Spicy gets confiscated at the border...