Sunday, June 10, 2012

Italy Criticizes Spain for Unfair Bailout

Rome (BS) Italian Prime Minister Mario Monti angrily reacted to the $100 billion euro "backstop" of Spanish banks by saying, "This is completely irresponsible. We Italians have worked hard to have the most incompetent economy among the large European states, and now the Eurogroup has given that title to Spain. We will do whatever it takes, including bringing Berlusconi back, to regain the title. As we speak we are lifting all capital requirements for our banks. As soon as we finish paying off the referee in today's match against Spain, we will get back to the important business of doing nothing at all. Wait, please don't quote me on that referee bit. If he sees this in print, he will double his price. Negotiating has been hell since our most recent scandal broke."

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